Michigan Auto Title Service Inc. processes titling in all 50 states, including repossessions, duplicates, transfers, redemptions, and corrections. Whether it is for an automobile, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, or ATV – we can offer competitive pricing, great service and FAST turnaround times.

Michigan Auto Title Service provides automotive titling and re-titling services for financial institutions throughout the country. By outsourcing your automotive titling services to Michigan Auto Title Service, you can be assured of the fastest, most accurate and cost effective automotive title services in the industry.

Automotive title services provided by Michigan Auto Title Service include:

    • Automotive Titles
      • Repossession Titles
      • Duplicate Titles
      • Corrections
      • Redemptions
      • Salvage Titles
      • Scrap Titles
      • Certificate of Origin / MSO’s
      • OSMR (Out-of-State Repo)
      • Re-Titles
      • Front-End Titling
  • Renewals
    • Registration / Tab Renewal
    • Plates
    • Vanity Plates
  •  Miscellaneous
    • Repo Affidavits
    • NOI Letters


At Michigan Auto Title we continuously update our software. We strive to make the process of getting a title as streamlined as possible - which saves our customers time and money.

Business Intelligence

We cater to every need with a diverse array of solutions. No matter the problem, count on Michigan Auto Title Service for a customized solution to meet your specific needs.


At Michigan Auto Title Service, we utilize the most state-of-the-art, streamlined titling platform in the industry. This allows us to simplify complex tasks and never cut corners.

Turn Times

Michigan Auto Title has the best turn times in the industry. Over the years we have built great working relations in every state to get your title processed in the fastest time possible.


Michigan Auto Title Service works directly with automakers and financial institutions throughout the United States. We have a long history of processing titles for some of the nation’s largest auto finance companies, by being able to provide title services in all 50 states!

Because our experienced title specialists have regular contact with the state DMV’s, we stay on top of changing titling requirements – so you don’t have to. Understanding that vehicles are depreciating assets, they’re worth more money today than in the future. Titles can be and often are the biggest bottleneck in the remarketing process.

No matter what your needs or how difficult you’re titling requirements are, Michigan Auto Title Service Inc. has the experience and the industry contacts to obtain titles quickly and error free.

Michigan Auto Title Service Automakers and Financing Companies


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